Project Incarnation



1042 is committed to give 50% of our church budget to Missions and outreach (local and abroad). Project Incarnation is the local side of our Missions budget. The Incarnation is when God the Son took on flesh and walked among sinners and sat, ate and drank with them (John 1:14). As the body of Christ (1 Cor 12:27), we must incarnate ourselves into the culture. We are commanded to reach out to those who do not love Christ.


Walk as Jesus did


This involves creativity and may include helping the homeless, a family in need, or the local food bank. Howevever, it also will take the form of innovative activities to reach the lost of Frisco and beyond. For example, our first Project Incarnation Homework Assignment was for everyone in our church to buy a Bible for someone who does not have one and to put their name on it. Project Incarnation covered the cost of the Bibles. 20 Bibles were given to those who needed one! Every Homework Assignment are intended to raise your adrenaline level a bit.

Our second Homework assignment involved planning our first baptismal service even though there was no one planning to be baptized. 1042 was challenged to step out on faith and pray for God to bring men and women to Himself for baptism. Christ has answered our prayers and given us Mary Elizabeth Hernandez who was baptized on Saturday (3/12)!